Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sara's Takeaways

Session:  Students with disabilities

  • Students need to see and deal with multiple representations of content.  I think this is for every student however.  
  • Question:  How do we instruct elementary teachers on math content and pedagogy?
  • There will be a formative assessment for K-2.  States will determine the usage.
  • Parcc is getting ready to roll out item try outs for students with disabilities(ADHD, Mild/moderate, fine motor difficulty, low vision, written language)
  • Every student will do practice tests in spring of 2014
  • Question:  Are IEPs the same from state to state?
  • We should move to standards based IEPs.  Look at NCEO website-Moving Your Numbers
  • Intervention should support instruction.  This cannot happen with pull out programs

Session:  GT students and CCSS
  • to teaching math and ELA (I have ordered the math for Levi, Sara and Sara Smith and ELA for Josh, Teri and Sara Smith
  • Non algorithmic approach to math-focus on process not solutions
  • How do we provide PD on non algorithmic approaches to teaching and learning math?
  • Translations of CCSS are for typical students not GT
  • Question:  How do we best meet the needs of our GT students?
  • Most of the growth in scores has happened from bottom not top.  We need to focus on our top students also.
  • Heterogeneous grouping does not work.  We need targeted instruction for GT. 
  • Is we differentiate for everyone that is called individualized instruction not differentiation.
  • Vertical teaming is so important.  
  • NCTM wants to add a ninth math practice:  Solve problems in novel ways and pose new mathematical questions of interest to investigate.
  • If we do not help girls identify careers in math by 5TH GRADE, we lose them!!
  • What do we do about this?

Session:  Evidence statements for elementary math
  • Looking at the evidence statements and the claims and sub claims is a deep exercise.  
  • Taking a PARCC prototype and breaking it down by domain, cluster and math practice helps teachers understand assessment
  • There needs to be LOTS of professional development on evidence statements, which could actually be used as content limits and item specs.  However, shouldn't teachers already know the content limits if they know the standards??
  • Vertical teaming is important so we know what comes before and after and how our instruction fits in

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