Thursday, February 28, 2013

Special Ed and Common Core

PARCC Special Education and Implications for Change
Trinell Bowman, Maryland State Dept. of Education

Need to view the implementation of CCSS as an HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY to improve access to academic content standards for students with disabilities.

"Having no expectations shows pity, which shows sadness, sorrow & regret. A child with a disability needs support. Stand behind him, champion and back him! Believe in him and have expectations! They inspire hope, excitement, eagerness and success! Which would you want others to give you?" --Joan Scanlon-Dise

Don't be upset about these tests being given online. The technology will have embedded accommodations and supports and this will be good for kids. No one will know that they have accommodations. No stigma on a Personal Needs Profile (PNP). That will come with the registration. There will be a set of tools that everyone has access to. The PNP will have specific tools.

We can't suddenly have all the wonderful assessment tools without making those tools part of instruction. Teachers and students need access to tools. PARCC knows they have to work on this and they know about equity of access issues. They understand there will have to be a contingency plan of paper/pencil to address these issues. It will be different based on laws of the state, so PARCC is planning both.

ADHD, Mild/moderate, LD, fine motor, vision needs: these are the students we are trying out the technology on looking for implications. Being done in cognitive labs with a researcher figuring out how to make it better or these different groups.

Discussion of Implications by state tables followed by recommendation from our presenter.
1. Implication:
Have to teach with a balance of material that is appropriate to their level and materials that are on grade level. You still have to teach the standard with a lower level text and then move to grade level quickly.

Recommendation: The Bridges Literature Series was originally made for ELL with supports for language, but it is great to use with IDEA, so you still have complex grade level text. Look into that.

2. Implication:
Our IEP goals are aligned to state standards rather than CC (all states are saying this)

Get around it. Write them by hand until the program adds CC. Don't let the program dictate your IEP goals.

3. Implication:
Co-teaching is working at secondary level (all states are saying this-wow that's great). However, at elementary we don't co-teach, so students are used to a separate area.

IDEA students should not be sent out of the room during core instruction. IDEA teacher needs to push in.

UDL checklist page 5-72 Use the UDL website. I think Justin sent this last week. Look again.
Interactive guideline wheel. Page 5-101. You can download this as an app. udlguidelinewheel app

UDL is state law in Maryland.

PARCC Accommodations Manual will be out this spring for public comment. Final draft by June.

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