About Us

The Oklahoma Educator Leader Cadre (OKELC) is a network of K–16 educators brought together by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) in order to assist with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) implementation. Cadre members are nationally trained by the PARCC consortium in order to disseminate the most up-to-date information and provide relevant professional development throughout Oklahoma. Oklahoma has expanded the scope of the PARCC ELC to include traveling and non-traveling members to better meet the needs of our state (^ denotes Meeting 1 Traveling Members, * denotes Meeting 2 Traveling Members). Each member provides invaluable input, perspective, and advocacy serving to prepare Oklahoma schools, teachers, students, and parents for implementation of Common Core.

Elementary Mathematics Team

  • * Mava Goddard, Glenpool Public Schools
  • * Mallory Meuwly, Norman Public Schools
  • * Kelly Palmer, Silo Public Schools
  • * Sara Snodgrass, OSDE
  • ^* Timmie Spangler, REAC3H Coach - Tulsa

Secondary Mathematics Team

  • * Shannan Bittle, Union Public Schools
  • ^ Tamara Carter, Oklahoma City Community College
  • * Julie Owens, El Reno Public Schools
  • ^ Chuck Pack, Tahlequah Public Schools
  • ^* Levi Patrick, OSDE
  • * Brandon Weaver, Edmond Public Schools
  • ^* Sara Wright, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
  • ^ Kerri White, OSDE

Elementary English/Language Arts Team

  • ^ Kathy Dunn, Mid-Del Public Schools
  • ^ Natalie Johnson-Papageorge, Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • ^* Kari Pinson-Ayers, REAC3H Coach - Snyder
  • * Christine Paradise, Mid-Del Public Schools
  • * Lara Searcy, Tahlequah Public Schools
  • ^* Lisa Storm, REAC3H Coach - Kingfisher
  • * Marsha Thompson, OSDE

Secondary English/Language Arts Team

  • ^ Laura Bolf-Beliveau, University of Central Oklahoma
  • ^* Lori Boyd, REAC3H Coach - Talihina
  • * Josh Flores, OSDE
  • ^* Mark Hayes, Boise City Public Schools
  • ^* Brook Meiller, Norman Public Schools
  • ^* Deborah Yarbrough, Woodward Public Schools

Literacy in Science, Social Studies, and Technical Subjects

  • ^ Jason Brown, Edmond Public Schools
  • ^ Pamela Brown, Oklahoma State University
  • * Kelly Curtright, OSDE
  • ^ Michelle Keylon, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
  • ^* Tiffany Neill, OSDE
  • ^* Sherri Pankhurst, Cordell Public Schools
  • ^* Patrice Powdar, Moore Public Schools

Administrative Perspective

  • ^ Kathy Dodd, Union Public Schools 
  • ^ Verna Ruffin, Formerly of Tulsa Public Schools

Geographic Representation

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